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The LCO500 laboratory controller automatically and decentrally balances the setpoints for laboratory room air control room supply air and exhaust air). The room air change rate requirements of DIN 1946, Part 7 are taken into account and are freely programmable. Negative room pressure (in laboratories) or positive room pressure (in clean rooms)may be set by a percentage relative to the room exhaust air or with a fixed offset (e.g. 300 m3/h).
  • 10 analogue inputs (exhaust air actual values of the fume hoods/consumer loads) are summated and assigned to one or more analogue outputs (max. 8)
  • 8 analogue outputs 0(2)...10V DC for freely programmable groups. Any analogue inputs (1 to 10) can be connected to any analogue outputs (1 to 8).
  • Setpoint balancing for room supply air and an additional room exhaust air (difference in relation to the freely programmable room air change rate)
  • Defined maintenance of the negative pressure (laboratory) or the positive pressure (clean room)
  • Decentralized, automatic room balancing, relieving the load on the building services management (BSM)
  • Calculation of the room diversity and free programming of the functionality
  • 8 digital inputs (optionally galvanically separated) for switchable consumer loads (on/off), room operating panel (suspension of night-time operation), malfunction notifications, alarms, etc.
  • 8 relay outputs with potential-free changeover contact for daytime/night-time switching of the fume hoods, light (on/off), heating control, room group malfunction notification, etc.
  • Internal optional 24V DC/75 W switching power supply for direct 230V AC power connection and for providing the 24V DC supply voltage for a maximum of 8 connected VAV-A (variable volume flow controllers)
  • Mains voltage failure-safe storage of all system data in the EEPROM
Technical datasheet LCO500       Technical datasheet LCO500
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