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Multi-functional Room Management Controller, digital, LON, Modbus

The multi-functional and user-programmable room management controller takes over the complete operating mode control and monitoring of a laboratory room.

RMC700 is the HMI (Human Machine Interface) between the laboratory personnel and the building management system (BMS). The plain text messages with custom graphic symbols (icons) and with multi coloured backlight allowing a clear and simple priority-driven allocation of the actual operating conditions.

  • Fast-performance microprocessor
  • Suitable for all laboratories with different operating modes such as working or non-working time (day/night) in combination with laboratory fume hood controllers and air volume flow controllers
  • Mute alarm of room group alarms and/or fault messages with own mute alarm button
  • Built-in adjustable alarm buzzer 85dB
  • Full graphic LCD (64x128 pixels) with 10 freely configurable back-lit colors for coloured backlighting of operations and/or error messages
  • 6-line free text and/or icon-assignment with customized graphical symbols
  • Prioritization of all fault and operating messages
  • Three bright free programmable LEDs (green, yellow, red) with a luminous area of 2.25 cm², according to the rules of the BG Chemie BGI / GUV-I 850-0, well visible on the side
  • All system and configuration data is stored fail safe in EEPROM
  • Direct display of actual value such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air volume flow, etc. with optional analogue input board and appropriate sensors
Technical datasheet RMC700       Technical datasheet RMC700
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