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Microprocessor based security system for control and monitoring of fume hood exhaust air volume flow or face velocity in relation to the front sash and slide window opening.

Depending on the configuration the following operating modes for fume hood control are possible:

Standard model

• iCM-F - face velocity control

with optional add on system -E2

• iCM-FP - face velocity control with limitation to VMIN and VMAX
• iCM-W - position sensor control
• iCM-V - fully variable control
• iCM-K - constant control (1, 2 or 3 point)

  • Compact low cost built in system
  • Numerical and bar graph display of the air input velocity in m/s or ft/min
  • Microprocessor based variable control system with full graphic LC display
  • External plug in adaptor 230V AC/15V DC
  • All system data are saved mains voltage failure-safe in the EEPROM
  • Programming and read out of all system values via the service module SVM100 or software PC2500
  • Closed loop control
  • OPTIONAL: Integrated power supply 230V AC
  • OPTIONAL: Maintenance-free venturi tube
  • Suitable for all fume hood constructions
Tender text iCM-F-0     Tender text iCM-F-0 Tender text iCM-F-0
Operating and installation instructions iCM       Operating and installation instructions iCM
Technical datasheet iCM       Technical datasheet iCM
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