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Microprocessor controlled system for regulation and monitoring of the constant room pressure maintenance. It has to be maintained a constant over- or underpressure in clean rooms or laboratories compared to adjoining rooms (e. g. corridor). This avoids the intrusion respectively loosing of contaminated or uncleaned air with an excessive dust content depending on the application.
The room pressure controller iCM-RP regulates independently the necessary free programmable room under- or overpressure. The setpoint setting occurs via the digital inputs (parameterization via password protected internal menu or laptop with PC2500 software (USB flash drive).
  • Microprocessor controlled room pressure regulation with a full-graphic LC-display and a numerical room pressure signaling in Pascal
  • Compact control system in a wall housing
  • Integrated operator panel with status display and alarm acknowledgement
  • Integrated optional limit value monitoring of the room under- or overpressure with visual or optional acoustical alarm
  • Constant room pressure maintenance freely programmable
  • All system data is stored fail-safe in an EEPROM
  • Running time of the actuator ≤ 3 s for 90 °, running time delay freely programmable
  • Free parameterization of the system data via the internal menu or laptop with software PC2500, e. g. regulation time, over- or underpressure
  • Internal static differential pressure sensor with a high long-term stability for the steady measurement of the actual value within a range of ± 50 Pa or optional -80 to +20 Pa (external)
  • Fast predicitve control algorithm
Technical datasheet iCM-RP       Technical datasheet iCM-RP
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